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Bakery & Cakery F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 832
Moist and flavorful
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Plain Vanilla is definitely one of the more popular cup-cakery in Singapore. The cupcakes sold here are generally moist and fluffy without feeling heavy. I hate cakes that are dry and crumbly!! My favorite flavor would be the strawberry and white chocolate flavor. The strawberry and white chocolate taste great when eaten together in a cupcake and it is a flavour that I haven't tried elsewhere. Nope, not even 12 Cupcakes! The icing here is slightly gritty and sugary though but it doesn't bother me too much because I really like the cake. The only flavour that I don't really like would be the red velvet. It isn't as rich and intense as I would like it to be. It tasted a little bland and flat, even with the thick swirl of icing.

I also like the minimalist and simple take away cardboard box with sits 4 cupcakes. There will be a rope tied to the box for you to hold the box with. Unlike the take-and-go outlet at Holland V, the outlet at Tiong Bahru is a store that allows you to sit in and enjoy their range of cupcakes, drinks and desserts! I had a cupcake there last week and I really liked the overall ambience of the place. It is clean, bright, not overly noisy and as a nice baking aroma wafting around the place. The staff are always friendly and helpful and if are very happy to recommend you their special bakes and popular cakes! Highly recommend all their cupcakes except for the red velvet ones.

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