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Bakery & Cakery F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 832
Favourite cupcake store
(Updated: March 28, 2014)
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I really, really love Plain Vanilla's cupcakes. I haven't really found any comparable cupcakes to the ones this shop sells.

For one, I'm a person who doesn't fancy creamy icings or cream cheese. The icing on Plain Vanilla's cupcakes are perfect for me, because they melt in the mouth as soon as you bite it. It's more of a sugary frosting than leaning towards the creamy end, and I am extremely grateful for that.

As for the cupcakes themselves, the texture is wonderful. They're moist, but still chewy. My personal favourites are the Red Velvet and the Cinnamon. But I know of many who love the Strawberry White Chocolate.

In short, the frosting and cupcakes go extremely well together, and I would recommend Plain Vanilla to every cupcake lover.

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