Plain Vanilla Bakery

F April 16, 2012
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Plain Vanilla Bakery
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CRUMBS OF COMFORT Our story is simple – Plain Vanilla Bakery was borne of an earnest desire for some good old-fashioned cake. We’ll make no bones about how we love our European pastries – give us some cream-filled choux pastry and we’ll happily wolf it down. But there are days when all we want is cake. A slice of warm apple pound cake drizzled with caramel; tall layers of light sponge cake and buttercream; or just three or four mouthfuls of a cupcake smothered in enough frosting with leftovers for licks when the cake’s all gone. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring it back to basics. We take what our grandmothers and mothers were made of and we make it even better. We’re talking childhood-reminiscent flavours made from seasonal ingredients worthy of a home kitchen, only the treats are scrummier and more comforting than you remember. We’ve all felt that warm fuzziness – stirring in the hours of late morning to the wafting scent of freshly baked butter sponge, or quietly traipsing to the kitchen fridge at midnight when the tummy rumbles for that last slice of pound cake. Remember all that simple goodness? That’s what you’ll find with us.


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