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Bakery & Cakery P poppy April 21, 2012 2005
Exquisite and decadent to the very last bite.
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To really dissect the simple menu, the bakery offers Artisan breads such as baguettes, rye bread, country bread or pain de champagne as the French call it, lightly toasted, and served with arugula salad to make classic French sandwiches. Selections of garnishes like smoked salmon, sautéed mushroom, or even grilled chicken are available to accompany the delicious bread.

Indeed,it’s all about the bread. From the famous croquet monsieur, French toast to the classic mushroom zuppa soup is available. Don’t forget the French pastries such as Lemon meringue tart, macaroons and many many more are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A wise man once said that the standard of a French Restaurant is dependent on the quality of its Lemon Tart. Hence. My friends and I decided to order the lemon meringue tart which they call it as Tartelette citron ($6.10). It’s very tangy, but luckily the sweet meringue balances the flavor well to wash down the palate completely.

Another dessert that everyone would love to order is the chocolate tart or Tartelette Chocolat ($6.10). The nice deep, dark, and rich chocolate combined with the soft tart texture is simply exquisite. Another dessert for chocolate- lovers is the Gaufre chocolat ($6.00) or as we call it, waffles with chocolate sauce. The soft waffle with the sweet chocolate sauce will melt inside your mouth. Everything combined seems decadent.

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