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J October 18, 2012
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Diverse selection
Overall Score 
It is actually a surprise when a bakery you wholly expected to originate from Paris in both its name and its theme of bread-making actually turns out to be South Korean. And one point I immediately took home from this fact would be to appreciate how diverse bakery in general has become.

Though you can claim that the bakery is not authentically French as a result, I find that more diversity could actually be a good thing. There is instead more space for creativity and innovation leading to the creation of better tasting products. An example would be the blueberry chiffon cake, which I found really delicious. It is hard to describe how delicious a blueberry cake can actually be as compared to a standard main course dish, but in my opinion, if anything comes close to being the perfect fruit-flavoured cake, the blueberry chiffon cake comes close.

Moreover, there are a variety of exotic new products one would hardly expect to find in a self-styled French bakery. An example would be the shaved ice series. These normally come with ingredients such as fresh fruit and red beans and you'll expect them to be rather more Asiatic in nature.

An eye-opening experience indeed.
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Overall Score 
Paris Baguette stuns with not only its quality of pastries but also, the elegance of their business. Their logo may seem clichéd, what with the overuse of Paris in shop names nowadays, but Paris Baguette truly brings out the sophistication associated with the image of Paris. And it's a South Korean business.

Their bread isn't marinated in grease like many other bakeries' bread and is heavenly to chew on. The crust of their pastries are crispy yet not to the extent where once you take a bit, the entire thing just snaps and the floor becomes littered with crumbs. Paris Baguette's pastries retain its shape and softness while providing that oomph feeling when you sink your teeth into the bread.

The scent is also mouthwatering. Every time I walk past the outlet situated at Tampines Mall, I just have to take a look no matter how crowded the outlet is. The smell is just too enticing to ignore.

But ah, nothing is perfect, especially for us buyers. Paris Baguette's pastries, even if they are good, are really overpriced. It strangles my wallet every time I give in to the temptation of indulgence.
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An Indulgence Worth Every Bit
Overall Score 
"Paris is always a good idea", says Audrey Hepburn. Well, she was most definitely not referring to Paris Baguette, but Paris (Baguette) is always a good idea too. Whether you're trying to go slightly budget or keen to indulge on some wonderful pastries, there will always be something for anyone and everyone here. Don't be surprised to find many Koreans hanging around this Korean bakery, too, and you'll find that some of their service staff are authentically Koreans themselves!

One new item on the menu I'd like to mention would be the Alaska Waffles. Think thick fluffy buttermilk waffles stacked together with 2 huge scoops of vanilla and raspberry icecream, decked with fresh blackberries and raspberries buried in a yogurt dressing. This was such a sin, seriously, but sharing it makes it perfect for a treat! We shared this for dinner, so it wasn't too bad. This item fired off a massive Copycat Syndrome though, because everyone else who saw it would point it out to whoever they're with, and then end up ordering it just the same. We did that, and the people beside us did that too. Yes, it really is bloody good, and super pretty looking.

Go straight for their cakes if you can't decide what to get. I especially loved the Earl Grey cake that was flavorfully moist, and also because anything Earl Grey's able to fix me up in a whiff. The reason why Paris Baguette's such a hit with even Korean ladies conscious about calories and stuff is simply because they are so refreshingly pretty, and are given such cutesy looking names. How's HaHa Family for a slice of chocolate cake decorated with quirky eyes on a huge strawberry?

P.S Give the tiramisu a miss, it was hard, void of much taste and a waste of calories.

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