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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 961
Expensive breakfast!
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I came here with my mum for breakfast over the weekend. The food here is really fresh but the price is really steep. My mum got herself an egg sandwich which costs about 8.50, while I got myself a Thai noodle salad (which was filled with kway teow and vegetables). I got myself a freshly squeezed orange juice at 9 dollars! The price is really steep, it's smaller than a Venti sized starbucks and around the same price. Despite the price, I could taste the pulp and the drink was really refreshing.

The range of breads on sale looked incredibly appetizing! I also had the UFO shaped bread filled with cream. While the food here is good, I doubt I would be coming back anytime soon, the price is burning a rather huge hole in my wallet!
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