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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 852
c ’est delicieux!
(Updated: October 19, 2012)
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The first thought that comes to mind is that Paris Baguette cannot possibly be French. Elle n'est pas français, ma chère. No self-respecting Frenchman would name his café “Paris Baguette”. Only an Asian would.

Knowing rien at the time about Paris Baguette’s back story (successful café chain in Korea), me and my friend decided to brave the crowd gathered at the entrance for a table of our own. We were attracted by the long queue of customers in front of the bread counter. Every Singaporean knows that where there’s a queue, there’s tasty food.

Despite the long queue at the bread counter and the crowd of gawkers in front of the cake display, service was prompt and polite. The barista coffee was competent but nothing to write home about. The cakes however, were sublime. Quirkily pretty, with great attention to detail. I was quite taken with the bakers' thoughtful flourishes such as syringing syrup glaze into the decorative blackberry on my dessert (the name of which escapes me at the moment) and the smiley face carved into the strawberry perched atop my friend’s chocolate cake (or should I say “gateau au chocolat”). The cake names range from the apt to the surreal: “Sunny Lemon Tart”, “Ha Ha Family” and “Peach” to name a few. Who cares if they're not really French. My verdict: c ’est delicieux!

I am now on a mission to try every cake on display even if it costs me my waistline. That, after all, is what Spanx is for.

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October 28, 2013
Your waistline deserves better cakes (sad face).
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