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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 921
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It is actually a surprise when a bakery you wholly expected to originate from Paris in both its name and its theme of bread-making actually turns out to be South Korean. And one point I immediately took home from this fact would be to appreciate how diverse bakery in general has become.

Though you can claim that the bakery is not authentically French as a result, I find that more diversity could actually be a good thing. There is instead more space for creativity and innovation leading to the creation of better tasting products. An example would be the blueberry chiffon cake, which I found really delicious. It is hard to describe how delicious a blueberry cake can actually be as compared to a standard main course dish, but in my opinion, if anything comes close to being the perfect fruit-flavoured cake, the blueberry chiffon cake comes close.

Moreover, there are a variety of exotic new products one would hardly expect to find in a self-styled French bakery. An example would be the shaved ice series. These normally come with ingredients such as fresh fruit and red beans and you'll expect them to be rather more Asiatic in nature.

An eye-opening experience indeed.
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