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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 852
Royal Sugaring
(Updated: March 29, 2014)
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Paris Baguette has hit my estate! Being a fan of brunch, croissants or really just the lovely ambience of cafes in general, I was super excited.

The first time I went there when it first open, queues were outrageously long, the café ambience was great. There were couches and marble tables with a display of loaf models all over the café. Two walls were made of glass, one facing the shops, the other a live view of the patisseries whipping up pretty looking desserts. To top it off it had a good light-hearted mix of trendy music, not from the radio where you can hear DJs rambling on doing ads.

Food wise, I tried the Royal Pudding (original), but really it was just a goo of milk, gelatin. and HUGE dosage of sugar. No idea what's the big deal about it for it flood my Instagram. Total damage: $4. (Flavoured $4.50)

The next time I'm there was just earlier in the evening, guess the initial crowd at its opening died down. Counter staff was super passive, they stood around and dazed into space as the customers were all jammed up in the queue in front of them. Because of the layout of the café, it's hard to view the cake displays so people ended up joining queue but they couldn't decide what to eat yet. The queue was barricaded and had only one lane, you can imagine how congested and impatient the customers were.

Passive is fine, the counter staff probably didn't know what to do at that moment with so much confusion going on. But the cashier staff was even worse, they were rude and hostile.I said thank you several times to them but I received an eye roll in reply. Wow, you're welcome.

This time I ate the pastries. It was baked to perfect golden brown but hard down to every layer and every flake. One of the nuts pastries we bought was badly burnt, at the counter I thought the nuts were just dark brown in colour but no, I was wrong. Coffee and beverages isn't anything to rave either, and it was a good $10 each, mind you.

Besides the ambience, there is really nothing commendable about this place.

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