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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 961
korean bakery
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This place is famous for their Royal Pudding and I am also a fan of their Royal Pudding! At $4 for the original and $4.50 for the flavored (strawberry/chocolate), I would recommend the original pudding simply because the flavored taste like melted ice cream that you have left in the open for 2 hours. The original had a milky, sweet taste and I usually share a bottle with a friend because it is too sweet for me to finish it all. Do remember to stir the pudding and mix the milkcurd and caramel properly before eating otherwise the milkcurd on top would be bland and the caramel below would be way too sweet. I would strongly suggest asking for iced water if you need a drink. It is free-of-charge. Their drinks are also way too expensive, $9 for a smoothie? No thanks. I would very much prefer to get a slice of cake with that money.

Their seafood chowder was great! Tasty and fresh. The serving was a tad small though and the bread bowl was wayyyy too hard to be eaten. Are bread bowls supposed to not be eaten? Hmm. There is indeed a wide selection of baked goods, cakes, sandwiches, salads and pudding but the prices are indeed marked up as compared to their Korea outlets. I guess that's the price you pay for imported brands. I tried their bacon egg roll and wasn't too used to eating sweet bacon with the savory egg filling. Tasted odd. I will be back for the pudding again and try their cakes the next time round! Ambiance is great there and the chairs are luxe and comfortable. Nice place to relax and have a good chat with your friends at!

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