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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 959
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Paris Baguette, a bakery chain that originated from Korea, is already well-established in Shanghai. Having lived in Shanghai for 5 months, I frequented Paris Baguette almost every other day for their bread and coffee. Why their coffee? That's because the Chinese do not have a habit of drinking coffee, thus making it hard for me to find a cafe serving a decent cup of it. The nearest solution to where I worked at was Paris Baguette.

Although their coffee was pricey ($4-$4.50 for a cup of hot latte), that was the price I had to pay for my daily caffeine fix. Their pastries, cookies and other tasty treats definitely triumph over their bread. Their bread tasted a little 'cheap', but perhaps this could just be the standard of Paris Baguette in China. I absolutely loved their coffee bun, but they ceased selling it (booooooo). Certainly, their cakes and pastries in Singapore look much more appetizing and they offer a greater variety than in Shanghai.

However, since there is only one Paris Baguette outlet in Singapore and everyone is flocking to the cafe, I may just stay clear of the place until the hype dies down a little. To me, the whole point of enjoying their food and beverages is to do so while chilling out at their cafe. But I will definitely visit Paris Baguette (Singapore) in the near future.

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