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Bakery & Cakery J jeremy October 18, 2012 961
Eye boggling array of pastries!
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If I'm not wrong, this bakery chain just opened its doors not too long ago. I heard of the hype and being a bread and pastries fan, I was eager to rush there. I didn't even know they were located at Wisma Atria, i thought they were hidden in some remote corner of Orchard. Then one day while i was on my way to Takashimaya for work, I spotted the shop, they were packed to the brim. i gaped when i saw the words " Paris Baguette Cafe", it was as if a halo was encircling the top of their cafe.

To reward myself from a tough day at work, i treated myself to some of their pastries. When. i queued up and took a closer look at their range of breads and pastries, I was delighted! But alas, I had to choose so little out of so many. I bought the cinnamon roll and the dark brown brioche filled with caramel. These were one of the more unique ones that i've never seen in other pastry and bake shop. The dark brown brioche was essentially a brioche bun with a dark brown sugar crust, almost like our chinese polo buns, but with a tad more sugar and less butter. The insides was filled with caramel, but i was a little disappointed that the filling was a tad little. Probably it would be too sweet if they increased it i guess.

The cinnamon roll was a croissant pastry baked in a muffin pan, and had a cinnamon sugar coating atop the swirls of delicious buttery pastry. The surprise was inside. I was expecting a plain croissant dough, but when i bit into it, creamy caramel squirted out. It was rolled into the dough so the layers had salted buttery caramel.

There were so many choices, i definitely HAVE to be back again.
Heard their royal milk pudding is well known too!
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