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Bakery & Cakery I ivan-teh October 12, 2013 1593
Crepe Cakes!
(Updated: April 16, 2014)
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Lady M would certainly be the first café that come to mind when you think of crepe cakes.

I have never bought their cakes before but I have tasted quite a few flavors as my friends are fans of them.

Initially, the hype definitely intrigued me and I was so excited when my friends bought me their green tea and lemon flavored ones. The first few bites were oh-so-heart-warming but after a while it got a little too sweet for me. Maybe they should cut down on the cream? That being said, I do think that they deserve all the attention!

I was there the second time when my friends bought the cake and the queue was mad. We waited like more than 15 mins for a take-away and the queue for the café was way too long.

Nevertheless, I would still purchase their crepe cakes in future, hoping to try more of their flavors and give my friends back a treat!
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