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Bakery & Cakery I ivan-teh October 12, 2013 1972
The Cake-Lover's New Haunt
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Lady M is a gem that's hidden in a corner of the new wing of Marina Square, just next to St. Marc's. You just might miss it if you're not careful enough to make an extra turn from the cluster of restaurants and cafes in the new wing. I was impressed by the sheet-white interior of the cafe, which was not bland or bare, but as elegant as the cakes served there.

The vanilla crepe was simple but heavenly. The cold, luscious vanilla cream was spread rather evenly throughout, and went well with the paper-thin crepes. There was enough cream in between the layers so that every bite was moist, and had a good balance of crepe and cream. Just as I was ready to declare it the best crepe ever, I learnt that there was also a matcha-flavoured crepe. So, being the fan of matcha that I am, I promptly ordered a slice of that. And indeed, the matcha crepe was way better. I was glad that the matcha-infused cream was sufficiently robust to my liking, which cut the sweetness and richness of the cream. It was an excellent combination of the sweetness of the cream, and the floral notes and tannic bitterness of matcha. Like many other cafes and patisseries, Lady M also serves chocolate and red velvet cakes. They were reasonably good, but I would not recommend them over the cafe's signature crepes.

At about 8.50 a slice, Lady M can be considered somewhat pricey, but I'd say it's worth the occasional indulgence. After all, not many places serve crepes that are even half as good as what I had.
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