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The hottest new dessert place of September / October 2013 in Singapore is famed New York cake boutique, Lady M Confections. Well known for their delicate yet decadent cakes and pastries handmade daily using only the freshest high quality ingredients, Lady M Confections has been drawing long queues. You know Lady M Confections is good when you see people from all walks of life just waiting to get it, from yuppies to suits, kids to the elderly.

Ambience at Lady M Confections revolves around an open concept area that is non-descript in shades of white and grey. Furniture is little more than functional pieces, able to be moved around to suit the crowds, and the only decor to speak of is the elaborate Lady M Confections signage, and a fake plastic plant that adorns each table. But the open counter where their famous cakes and pastries are displayed is attractive in itself.

The bustling but rather plain interior here is nearly always full, expect to queue for at least 10 - 20 minutes.

Service at Lady M Confections is pretty good. While staff are relatively young, they move fast, and are somewhat observant. You'll have to actually wave to attract their attentions sometimes during peak periods (which is nearly all the time), but they're polite, and knowledgable about the menu. Takeaways are quite easy and convenient as well, though there isn't a separate queue or counter for takeaway, which I found odd, as it may get messy if many people place takeaway orders.

Food at Lady M Confections is all about desserts, namely their cakes. Expect generous sized slices of cakes / confections, with sweet, decadent, full-bodied taste and flavour, and reasonable prices comparable to most other mid-range cafes. The menu in Lady M Confections for Singapore is limited as compared to their headquarters in New York, United States Of America, having at least 1/3 less variety. Still, what is available here is extremely good, and repeat visits to try the various items on the menu at Lady M Confections is recommended. Or you could just order takeaway. A slice costs about SGD $9, while a whole 6-inch cake (6 slices) costs about SGD $42.

My only unhappiness / complaint with Lady M Confections, is when they're trying to produce their cakes to meet peak period demand... The presentation of the cakes wind up looking extremely sloppy and unprofessional. Hopefully, this would improve with practice. Fortunately, the cakes still retain excellent taste despite looking 'rushed'.

The signature Vanilla Mille Crepes features 20 paper thin handmade crepes, layered with light, airy, almost ethereal pastry cream, and a caramalised golden coat. Extremely delicate and decadent, the Vanilla Mille Crepes simply melt away in your mouth, with a subtle, non-overpowering sweet note at the end. If you only eat 1 thing here, go for the Vanilla Mille Crepes!

The Gateau Nuage means 'Cloud Cake', and is an apt description for this airy whipped cheesecake on a cinnamon infused, crumbly graham cracker crust. Topped with a thin layer of sweet cream, the Gateau Nuage is silky, smooth, and light... Perfect as a cheesecake!

The Strawberry Shortcake features a vanilla infused sponge cake, made using a fine flour imported from Japan, and studded with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The resulting Strawberry Shortcake is light, with bursts of sweet flavour from the strawberries, and is easily one of the best versions of Strawberry Shortcake I've had in Singapore. The cream is slightly thick on the end though.

Considered to be the second most popular item, the Banana Mille Feuille has a flaky golden puff pastry, which encloses layers of vanilla infused sponge cake, cream whipped with triple sec alcohol, and studded with slices of ripe bananas. The outer crust of the Banana Mille Feuille shatters as you cut into it, and tastes light, full-bodied and flavourful, thanks to the combination of vanilla and banana.

The Camomile Tea, just like their other drinks, are simply an accompaniment to their stars (cakes). Rather standard offerings, with good flavour, but not an attraction in themselves.

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November 01, 2013

Its rare for Ivan to give such high reviews. This place has to be really good :)
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