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Bakery & Cakery K kuchiki July 28, 2013 571
Best tiramisu I've had so far
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At 6.80 a (small, rectangular) slice, I found the cafe a little on the pricey side. The good thing, though, is that there is no service charge. The cafe's offerings come in four different flavours besides the classic tiramisu -- matcha, dark cherry, lychee, and (oddly and daringly enough) pandan.

The classic tiramisu would be my best recommendation for the purists as well as for those who hesitate to try out the cafe's bold inventions. It is a simple but brilliant combination of coffee, chocolate, and cream cheese. Flavour-wise, it is a marriage of the bitter aroma of coffee and the richness of cream cheese. The coffee-soaked biscuit nestled in the cake gave a delightful crunch to every bite, complementing the smoothness of the cream cheese.

But what really won me over were the dark cherry and lychee tiramisu. They retained the characteristic flavour profile of the classic tiramisu, but the strong, fruity notes in both creations balanced off the heavier flavours of coffee and chocolate nicely. The dark cherry, which also has the highest alcohol content of all their creations, is best suited for the mature palate.
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