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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 01, 2013 835
Not worth it, IMO
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I remember when Krispy Kreme first came to Singapore - the queues were absolute madness, and my first impression of it was overhyped. I suppose it's a common trend for all new brands landing on Singaporean shores for the first time - llao llao, for instance, while serving up good frozen yoghurt, may not deserve the winding queues that it normally garners.

This view was confirmed when I first took a bite of Krispy Kreme. Really, I didn't think it was that different from anything pre-existent local stores couldn't offer up - donuts tasted so similar (also I suspect has a wider variety of flavours).

I wasn't terribly awed by the donuts, and for the queues, I would much rather purchase my donuts somewhere else.
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