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This review is solely for their original glazed doughnuts that I love!! I don't know what is the magic here and how a simple doughnut with sugary glaze can taste SO good but I guess the simplest food are always the best and most comforting. The dough is soft and the glaze is not overly-sweet, it moistens the bread with every mouth you take. One is never enough for me, I usually have two or three, sometimes four lol. It's something that you will love or hate. I have friends who didn't like the original glazed ones and told me that there's "nothing special" about it.

The price in Singapore is really steep though... $2+ for a doughnut is pricey but it's worth the money because it differentiates itself from the other doughnuts sold in your neighborhood bakery/ breadtalk. It's much much cheaper to get it from BKK/ KL but if you are not going to these two countries and have nowhere else to get your KK, $2+ suddenly seems like an okay price to pay, especially when the craving acts up hahaha

I wouldn't recommend the flavored doughnuts. I have tried their cheesecake donuts and it was horrible. The toppings are hard, tasteless and weird and to mention, it's more pricey than the original glazed ones. So please don't waste your $$$$ on the flavored donuts!! J. Co does better flavored donuts in my opinion. The queue used to be crazy when KK just opened their store in Singapore but the hype has died down quite a lot so you can expect short queues or no queues at all when getting your doughnuts.

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