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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 01, 2013 599
Nothing Fancy about Them
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After months and months of non-stop raving abouot Krispy Kreme from my friends, I decided to give in and check out these hyped-up donuts. Here I though their donuts will be the King of Donuts which may cause me to have a food-gasm from my first bite.

Boy, do I beg to differ! It was like any old familiar donuts. They tasted like every other donuts I've had in my life. There's nothing special about them, other than several different flavours they offer.

Priced steeply, one can only whine about them being rather similar to Dunkin Donuts, but just made with their own version of "gold". I honestly think that all the hype for Krispy Kreme was for nothing. I strongly suggest that anyone who is on a tight budget and has cravings for donuts, should head to J.Co or Dunkin Donuts instead.
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