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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 01, 2013 596
Great taste but overpriced!
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When Krispy Kreme first opened in Singapore, there was a huge hype which prompted me to buy some of these donuts to try for myself, although I'd already tried Krispy Kreme donuts in Japan a few years back.

I have a very sweet tooth and so to me, the classic glazed donuts were excellent. However, I felt the donuts were way overpriced. Some of my schoolmates managed to purchase the Krispy Kreme donuts and were selling them in school to raise funds for a cause. However, even at the reduced price, each donut still cost over $2. While the donuts are excellent, I don't think they're worth $2.

I think they're great as a treat once in awhile, but for a regular snack? No thanks. I can get cheaper snacks of the same quality elsewhere.

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