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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 01, 2013 599
Not worth the money
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Having tried a few of their flavours, I find their donuts over the top. Over-priced, over-sugared and overrated.

I tried their Original Glazed donut, and it was too sweet, even for someone with a sweet tooth like me. It was so overpowering that I could only eat half of my donut. The Cookies and Cream donut is worse, as the overload on white chocolate makes you feel "gelat" after a few mouths, plus the sweetness is sinfully bad. The Cappucino was also overpowered the sweet glaze.

I also tried their Red Velvet, which was like a cake shaped in a donut. I guess it would have been fine on its own, without the sweet glaze on top. The glaze feels like you're eating a tablespoon of pure sugar.

Maybe people are just excited over the novelty of it, and the cool points they perceive to get when they Instagram a picture of Krispy Kreme donuts or be seen with a box of them. The donuts were disappointing, and I'd rather patronize other more wallet (and heart) friendly donut outlets in Singapore.

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