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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 4968
bad presentation of bread
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I do not frequent Four Leaves often cause i do not like their bread. Visually, the bread offered by Four Leaves do not looking appealing to me. They look heavily over-glazed to give the shiny look and it just look artificial and oily. And because of that, i have the impression that the bread is rather unhealthy.

Also, i do not like the way that their bread is being display. Recently at Yew Tee, one of their bread was actually already filled fully on the display racks, but i saw the staff took a few more pieces from somewhere and started stacking the bread on each other. When i look at that, i just felt that there must be a better way to display this bread for the customers to choose. By doing this, it just give the impression that the staff is not interested in the bread. Also, i find that the bread are not arranged properly and neatly. Maybe other customers may have messed up the arrangement, but the staff could try to arrange it back neatly once in a while to give the customers a good impression.

Their mix and match mini buns are a great idea to allow more choices at the same price. But their presentation needs improvement to attract people.
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