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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 4967
Mini Bread Promotion for the win!
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I am a cake lover. As long as the cake is not ridiculously creamy or overly sweet, I am fine with it. However, cakes nowadays aren't really cheap, the same goes to the cakes from Four Leaves. I love eating cake in big portion. It somehow makes me feel satisfied after gobbling big mouthful of cake. However, thinking that a small 15cm by 15cm Light Cheese Cake will cost me 28 bucks, it just spoils my appetite. Sometimes, I can only choose to walk away without buying any cakes.

There are also times when I try to divert my attention to their breads instead. Each bread cost you around 70 cents, but you will only need to pay $2.95 for any 5 pieces of bread. Wow, isn't it! That is why I love Four Leave! Love their mini bread promotion! Because it is super worth the buy. Hit the Like button if you love their min bread promotion too!

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