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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 4029
Four stars for Four Leaves
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Four Leaves had always been a part of my childhood - well, it actually still is a significant part of my life. The buns and cakes I’ve enjoyed as a kid still exist today, and still taste equally good.

My sweet tooth hasn’t changed at all, with my absolute favourite being the Twisty, a chocolate and vanilla twisted bread covered with icing sugar. It was one of the buns my mum would bring home after work for me to have it for breakfast, and it took mega willpower for me to resist eating them until the next morning. Four Leave’s Strawberry Shortcake is my all-time favourite cake as well, a cake I definitely would have for all my birthdays.

The usual buns such as the Hotdog Bun and Chicken Floss Bread are staple in every bakery, and Four Leaves does them well. The smell of baking bread is so tantalizing every time I walk past Four Leaves on my way to school, I could only wish they opened earlier!
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