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Bakery & Cakery I ivan-teh March 23, 2013 427
One of the only donut chains in Singapore
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Dunkin donuts is one of the few donut chains in Singapore as it isn’t part of our culture to eat donuts. When this American dessert first hit the stores, everyone went crazy. People would queue for up to 2 hours to buy boxes of donuts home. While Dunkin Donuts offers more than 20 flavours of donuts, my favourite is the oreo cookie donut - I love everything Oreo!

Besides donuts, Dunkin Donuts serves pretty good coffee as well - which many people don’t know about. When I was studying for O levels, I would often visit the Dunkin Donuts at Terminal 3, order a cup of Mocha Frappuccino and camp there for 3 hours. Their coffee served as a good booster during the crazy mugging season.

Although their donuts may sometimes be too sweet for my liking, they make a really good afternoon snack!
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