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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 04, 2013 913
impressive artisanal bread
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I walked past Duke Bakery while shopping with a friend at CityLink Mall, and was drawn to the interior of the store – lit display cases and high loaves of bread, complete with a chandelier. My friend told me there were free samples, so in true-blue Singaporean fashion we went in.

First we were told that they stopped giving away free samples, but we couldn’t resist the aromatic smell of freshly baked bread. They specialise in artisanal bread, featuring typical flavours like chocolate and cheese, but also more exotic flavours like yam, orange and wolfberry. We picked out the Chocolate Bun, Crown and Hokkaido Azuki and Milk Toast. The staff there were all very quick and professional, and we had our bread ready promptly. All their bakes were light and fluffy, and the filling was very generous. My personal favourite was the Chocolate Bun, which was filled with rich, bittersweet chocolate.

Duke Bakery is fast becoming one of my favourite bakeries for bread, but their bread schedule makes it a little inconvenient for me to buy a specific kind of bread. Thankfully, their bakes are pretty healthy, so I won’t feel so bad leaving the store with bags full of their bread.
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