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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 04, 2013 913
Expensive but oh-so-good artisanal bread.
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A defining trait of this brand is the little baskets of samples in front of their bread selections. The very first time I walked in, I tried almost all the bread and bought at least 7 types of bread. My tummy smiled, but my wallet cried.

My favourite bread from the bakery is the Chocola Cheese, with sweet and savoury notes merging into an orgasmic concoction of doughy goodness. With cream cheese lining the bread, the cheese is evenly spread out all around. Even better if you can pop it in the oven for a short while just before eating, so as to get a crispy crust and softer cheese!

Other great selections include their chocolate buns, and the Hokkaido Double Cheese which is perfect for cheese lovers. The next time you see a Duke Bakery around, don’t just take their samples, buy these bread home too! You won’t regret it. ;)
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