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Bakery & Cakery A averlynn-lim November 04, 2013 913
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Duke Bakery's display of bread and its marketing are impressive. By allowing customers to sample their bread with no obligation to buy, it looks like a dangerous tactic in Singapore. However, I understood their rationale as soon as I tasted my first sample. The bread was really good and it compelled me to buy a bag of Chocolate Buns.

Boring it may sound, it tasted great. The dark brown exterior of the buns yielded easily to pressure and held their weight in the mouth, giving a solid feel. The bread was very slightly savoury, a good support for the sweet, rich chocolate filling. This was not cream adulterated with chocolate but actual melted chocolate which I imagine would solidify in the refrigerator if I kept it in there. I didn't. Melted chocolate is always better.

Another bread that I intend to purchase in the near future is the Chocolate and Cheese. I had a sample of it and it was truly remarkable how the marginally salty cream cheese harmonised with the strong (dark?) chocolate. The result was a luscious, gooey eruption of flavour and mouthfeel that is difficult to describe but divine to experience.

Chocolate lover that I am, I focused on the breads containing chocolate and neglected the others so I cannot really review the other items.

This is a bakery that is not afraid to give free samples, knowing that its products are good enough to snare your patronage. I am impressed.

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