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Bakery & Cakery J jane June 07, 2012 546
Good enough for the thrifty
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These donuts are not your regular chocolate or sugar donuts from your neighbourhood bakery. They are meant to be a model of the more western type of donuts like krispy kreme, which means donuts stuffed with jam, cream and other things and line with a sweet condiment or cheese.
These donuts have a unique taste, and the dough is not as oily as some donuts. I like the glazed donut and cheese donut the most, the glazed donut is topped with crisp sugar, the cheese one has a supple savoury nacho cheese aroma. The donuts are also cheap and os a good choice for the thrifty.

However, the donuts are not as good as they were when the first shop first opened and they were less commercialised. Donut factory also serves food in some places, which is not too bad and quite economical for lunching.

The service can be slow during peak hours, so be prepared to wait about 5-10mins to be served.
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