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Bakery & Cakery J jaslinetan September 16, 2018 137
Japanese Pastries So Good You Can’t Resist
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Ever since the 2015 matcha craze took Singapore by storm, I’ve been hooked. From desserts to drinks, everything I went for had to be matcha-flavoured. I couldn’t contain my delight when I chanced upon Chateraise.

Their Matcha Choux ($1.90) blew my mind. It is palm-sized and oozing with green tea goodness. The filling is of a creamy consistency, and it manages to retain the characteristic flavour of the matcha itself. For those who don’t resonate with my obsession, fret not. There are also things like the Custard Choux ($1.90) and cakes for you to choose from. They are prepared thoughtfully and almost melt in your mouth with every bite.

The pastries at this store are bound to satiate any sweet tooth, so do give it a try if you are a sucker for good desserts like me.

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