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Bakery & Cakery K kuchiki July 22, 2013 2086
Pretty owner pretty cakes!
(Updated: September 24, 2013)
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I was reading a review from danielfooddiary about how awesome the cakes were, and he also made a side comment on how pretty the owner Zenn is. I'm pretty sure he has a crush on her or something, from the way he describes her (hahaha), but yeah, it's true, she is!

And her cakes are don't just look pretty as well, they taste reallyyyyy good. It was the end of a very busy week for me, so I was deciding which 2 choices I should do a takeaway for to end the week with an awesome note. It was difficult. They had lemon tarts, nutella fudge crumbles (i know you're drooling already), various cupcakes and a whole range of decadent looking cake slices all beckoning you to pick them. Their best cakes are apparently the hummingbird cake (chopped and smashed pecans, pineapples, bananas), the strawberry tofu cheesecake and the spiced carrot cake. Decided to settle on something safer since I didn't know if my siblings would like the hummingbird cake, so I got the latter 2!

Both cakes were totally approved by my family, and even my mum said the cheesecake was good. Even though I usually prefer carrot cakes to cheesecakes, this strawberry tofu one won hands down. The flavor was much lighter because of the tofu (which meant lesser cheese used), the cake felt less "gelat" even compared to the carrot cake lathered with cream cheese frosting.

Would totally get the strawberry tofu cheesecake again anytime!

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