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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 20, 2012 647
Bread Heaven
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I used to hate bread because I had to eat the same old peanut butter and jam bread before I left for school in the past. Hence, I was extremely reluctant to try the bread at barcook.

Only after much cajoling from my friends and the long queue I always observed at barcook did I decide to give it a go. Much to my amazement, I actually got hooked onto their bread. Not only the famous cream cheese bread that all the hype is about, but all the other bread were just as amazing.

The cream cheese bun has earned its name. With a generous amount of cream cheese, and the soft bun surrounding it, it is really a taste of heaven. I got another garlic bun and it was just as good. The taste of garlic is just strong enough to leave you yearning for more yet does not leave your breath smelling of garlic.

I have become one of the crazy barcook supporters that would swear upon our lives to get people to try this amazing bread.
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