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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 20, 2012 655
I don't like bread but...
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I don't like bread so my friends were all really surprised when I was raving about Barcook Bakery the other day. I used to work near Raffles Place and during lunch, a long queue would be formed.

One fine day, I wasn't hungry enough for a full meal so I decided to try this as I was curious why a queue for just bread would be so long! I went ahead and got myself a ham and cheese bun and egg yolk bun. The fillings for the bread available were all very unique and I don't think you can find them at regular HDB bakeries. I took the first bite and oh i'd always remember that glorious moment! I kid. But it was love at first bite. The bread was surprisingly good, I wasn't expecting it to be hot, soft and fluffy.

After that, I find myself craving for Barcook Bakery's bread now and then. Oh, make sure the bread just left the oven so it would be hot and fluffy!
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