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Very soft bread they have
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Even before you reached Barcook bakery, you can already smell the irresistible aroma from the bakery . The original bakery initially located at Hong Lim complex and slowly it has taken off to have a few branches in the city area. Their most famous bread in their bakery is Raisin Cream Bread which is selling like hotcakes. The soft white bread and the smooth creamy texture of cream from the inside blend really well together. Usually they always serve it hot and fresh from the oven. Many bakeries try to imitate Barcook’s raisin cream bread but still Barcook’s have the best of it.
They have other varieties of bread as well, not as many as you seen compared to other bakery but it’s confirmed that you eat most of their bread fresh and they do sell it at a reasonable price! They don’t display most of their bread as they prefer to serve it once it’s out from the oven. It can be seen that they emphasis very much on the hygiene of the food, working area and the quality as well. They have some unique bread produced such as cempedak bread, fried sausage, choz banana or even barley custard. As with the usual bakery shop would have, they do sell beautiful and delicious cakes as well.

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