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S October 07, 2012
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Bakery Cuisine
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Sells freshly baked little cakes and breads. Price ranges, starting at $1.50 to about $8.


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I've tried their breads before, and I must say, their durian and cream cheese buns were hella good! not too far off the standards of Barcooks. However I got those buns hot off the pan which made it all the more delicious.

They also specialised in these UFO shaped sponge cakes with filings and their 'Dora Keiki'. Both which were SO overpriced. I was so shocked to hear that the UFO sponge cakes were 3 bucks a bag, AFTER discount. I got the durian one and my, the fillings inside were non-existent. Pretty much disappointed. Their dora keikis are good though, but also a tad overpriced.

All in all would go back for their breads but probably not their other cakes and pastries.
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unique waffle
(Updated: November 01, 2013)
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What I want to recommend is their own recipe of waffle, with only three different flavours: green tea (mocha), hazelnut and chocolate. What is it that is so special? Take the mocha flavour for example then. The feeling that is gives me for my first bite is, this is different from the usual waffles we buy outside, and it is chewy like I’m chewing moochi.

The outside is crispy, inside is soft and chewy. the flour is different as well, usually those normal bakery shop, before the waffle is made, it is in a kind of 'watery' form, but bakery cuisine's waffle is consider quite 'solid' before it is made into waffle, and the people that make it will ensure that every size is the same by weighing the 'solid' thing on a weighing machine. One waffle costs $2.50 and it is very filling.

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