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Bakery & Cakery F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 323
Really good food, although at slightly higher prices
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I think we all know that the Robertson Quay area's dotted with plenty of awesome cafes and eateries, but this is one honestly one place that wouldn't want to miss out.

This is probably contributed by the fact that I'm a bread slave, but this place makes me feel like trying a bit of everything. Absolutely reminded me of the awesome bakeries while I was traveling in Europe. We had a lemon curd tart that was tastefully done, neither too sweet nor too lemony. It's a favorite there, and we could totally understand why!

Both of us had a salmon benedict served on crispy toast as well, and this was at a slightly steeper price of $19. Definitely more expensive if you compare it to salmon bennies you can get at other places. Still, the poached egg was wonderfully runny and the hollandaise sauce a creamy, smooth texture. Now, I was disappointed to find though that my 2 slices of toasts were horribly burnt on the underside (they tried to cover it up!) I hence requested for them to be replaced, to which the staff immediately attended to, thankfully. They do have complimentary berry compote placed in a small metal tin on the tables as well, so remember to help yourself to that. It was so, so good.

We had a mocchacino as well, which I requested skimmed milk for. Some people feel that you should go full-flavour and go for full fat milk instead, but trust that skimmed milk doesn't compromise on flavour for this. Would've been more awesome if the coffee was served warmer though!

Their lumberjack muffin/cake (I really am not too sure, it looked like a muffin or cupcake but was really dense, almost like a pound cake) was displayed for some free tasting, and this was really good as well. Almost everyone who came in (male female Asian Caucausians, like everyoneee) and tried it had 2nd helpings, and couldn't help asking what it was.

Would most definitely come back to this place again :)
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