727 Cakerie

A December 04, 2012
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727 Cakerie

Under the 717 Trading establishment so expect the same standard of durian puffs and other durian goodies.


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Killer Durian Coils
Overall Score 
Like the 717 durian coils I have reviewed before, these guys have the exact same coils being sold (same boss remember?)

The keyword here is that these guys do not cheat you. They use real durian flesh, D24 to be exact. So you can expect the bittersweet pleasure that only a D24 could provide to be found in every bite.


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Either you like it or you hate it.
Overall Score 
Oozing cold durian. What more can one ask for?

A fan of durian puffs, we grabbed this off the counter and one bite into the soft pastry revealed mounds of cold, sweet durian puree within. If not for fear of an ever expanding waistline, i wouldn't hesitate to gobble them down all.

Making a good durian puff isn't as easy as it looks to be. One has to get the pastry and most importantly, the durian right. Too much fillers and little durian, people can tell. And they really didn't disappoint.
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