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Western Restaurants A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 948
Soup is not just water
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“How can you have soup for a meal?” asked everyone, as I went on and on about this place. They just didn’t understand. Having soup at The Soup Spoon, wasn’t ‘eating water’.

The Soup Spoon serves soups that are hearty, substantial, and definitely filling. I usually recommend first-timers the Beef Goulash or Tokyo Chicken Stew, which are also both personal favourites of mine. The Beef Goulash provides generous servings of beef chunks, potatoes, and carrots - more than enough to fill your tummy. The clear soup of the Tokyo Chicken Stew may be less filling, but it has a homely, almost nostalgic, taste that you will find yourself craving even weeks after.

Meals here are on the pricey side, which may put off diners greatly. But The Soup Spoon is a place that you have to try at least once in your life - maybe then you’d realise that the money you’re forking out is worth the value.
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