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You wouldn't expect soup to be this good.
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Don't be fooled - a warm bowl of soup may not seem sufficient for a meal, but after downing one of the Soup Spoon's creamy soups (or their one non-creamy one), one would beg to differ.

Whatever it is the soup you order, you can be assured that it will be two things: hot, and homely. Having tried their Boston Clam Chowder, Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff, Tangy Tomato, and their Simon/Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout, I can safely say that while their different soups offer different variety and flavours, they are all tasty nonetheless. They are certainly generous with their ingredients when it matters - plenty of mushroom in their VMS and clams/seafood in their clam chowder.

They keep 8 soups on their permanent list - these are soups that people have generally shown to like, but if you get bored of them, The Soup Spoon has seasonal promotions where they have "chef speciality" soups (with three choices) which can spice up your Soup Spoon experience if you've grown tired of drinking the same soups over and over again.

Of course, there are also their wraps and salads, which are done surprisingly well for a company which specialises in soups. For under $15, you can get a full (and rather filling) meal with a half salad/wrap (which really, is a full one especially if you're a light eater), soup, bread, and a drink (I recommend Ice Lemon Tea since it comes in a cup instead of a can).

The Soup Spoon provides a wholesome and complete meal experience - it's my go to restaurant when I'm feeling under the weather, in the mood for something lighter (that's where the salads come in), or simply have no idea where to go. Their homely environment and warm soup will complete your experience. On a final note - they also offer a 10% discount with NTUC or Nebo cards, so that's quite a plus point there.

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