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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 368
Vegans and non-vegetarians able to finally eat in harmony
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Balanced Living on Sixth Avenue is home to The Living Cafe, a restaurant serving vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat dishes. Unlike many other vegan serving restaurants, there are still many options for the non vegans that visit, from pizzas to burgers, leaving vegans and non vegans able to eat together both easily and hassle free. Not only is the choice vast, but majority of the food is under $20, so also good value for money.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about my trip was a fruit smoothie, but aside from that all the starters, mains and desserts that I tried were amazing. They always have a wide selection of raw vegan desserts to choose from, my favourite being the raw vegan chocolate cheesecake. I could only manage half due to it being so rich, however if you love dark chocolate you’ll fall for this cake head over heels. The Quinoa Veggie Burger has been my favourite so far, it’s not the most elegant dish to eat in front of your other half however it’s so good you honestly won’t even care.

Service there has been both good and bad, but is the only thing that really needs improving. The best thing about the Cafe is that it lets you dine with your vegan friend when you don’t feel like giving up on your favourites. The Living Cafe is definitely a place to consider to prevent the hassle of trying to find somewhere that accommodates for both of your needs. Meat eaters and vegans nationwide rejoice! And don’t worry, you won’t be lectured by any tie dye wearing hippies for eating a meat option, trust me.
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