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Western Restaurants A averlynn-lim December 15, 2012 461
Red velvet cupcakes!
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From the name of the shop, you would probably have guessed it right - they specialize in baked goods and their baked goods are indeed fabulous! Kudos to the baker boy :) They serve a range of food, not only baked goods like cakes and bread so there are definitely choices for those of you who are looking for something more filling and hot. I went there to try their homemade cakes which my friend raved about. I am a red velvet fan and having tried many red velvets from popular cafes, I conclude that I am ending my search for the perfect red velvet. This is a red carpet worthy red velvet cake.

I ordered a slice of red velvet cupcake, a slice of red velvet cake and a nutty monkey cake. Both the red velvet cakes did not disappoint. It was so rich with chocolate inside out. The frosting on the cupcake was so smooth you won't be able to feel the texture of the sugar granules. It wasn't overly sweet as well. It matches so well with the cupcake. The nutty monkey cake is a banana coconut cake and it is indeed unique for I have never seen such a cake elsewhere. I ordered it partially because of its cute name as well. The area here is al fresco and not air conditioned. The al fresco setting adds an element of relaxation and sets it apart from the usual cafes and cake places out there. Highly recommend all of you to give this place a try!

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red velvet cakes
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