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Western Restaurants A averlynn-lim June 12, 2013 270
Cosy and comfortable, with decent food
(Updated: September 24, 2013)
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I really am quite a sucker for the usual brunch suspects like eggs benny and brioches. However, while I was deciding what I should order for brunch that day, I decided against those usuals because they honestly didn't look that appetizing....judging from the plates that were churned out from the kitchen window I was seated right next to.

Me and my friend got a muesli with greek yogurt, fresh fruits and milk that cost us about $12 after GST. It was good, but not great, and although I was patting myself on the back for the considerably healthy meal, in my head I was just bothered by how I could've recreated that myself for less than 5 bucks. It is afterall, just muesli and yogurt. It's not even a yogurt parfait.

Another of my friend got a shibuya toast with berries, which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream decked on a thick, well-toasted french toast. It looked really good! Their cake selections looked very good as well, so if I ever do return that I'd say to go straight for just their sweets/desserts. Their pastas appeared popular as well, and you might wanna try their breakfast items only if you don't mind meh-looking benedicts.

That said, huge plus plus plus to their snug and cosy ambience, what with the numerous sofas around for you to sink into with a great book. There're also books and magazines placed around for you to browse through on a leisure afternoon. It's not called the book cafe for nothing....hahaha. I would visit this place again, definitely!
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