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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 239
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I needed some café-fix yesterday and hence went to tanjong pagar with a friend in search of some cosy café. We researched on some cafes nearby but decided to give Selfish Gene Café a try as we happened to bump into it and were too lazy to continue our search.

Together, we had their Royale, Big breakfast and a complimentary cappuccino due to a credit card promotion. When our dishes came, I was kind of disappointed because they looked really plain. My Eggs Royale was presented with 2 eggs Benedict seated on a piece of bread with salad at the side, while the presentation for the big breakfast wasn’t any better. Somehow, they just looked boring to me. Taste-wise, they were fresh and the chefs certainly didn’t confuse us with any unnecessary ingredients. Hence, you get to really taste what you asked for. Overall, I figured it was a rather good job with the minimalist work!

After I left, I was feeling a bit sad about the presentation and went to search for them on Instagram. There, I realized what I have missed out on – waffles and banana cake. Guess I just found a perfect reason to go back there again!
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