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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 239
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The cafe is not very crowded and we are able to find a big table for the group in front of the counter. I think we have the brightest table in the cafe, as we have the view of the sky above us. After looking through the menu, one just orders and pays at the counter. No GST or service charge here. A number tag will be given for each order and remember to give it back after all order is served.

Scrambled Eggs & Brioche ($11)
scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with mixed salad
Just like the creamy scrambled egg on the soft, fluffy bread. So nice.
PS. if you do not want the toast, a bowl of scrambled egg costs $4.50.

The Valerie ($12)
homemade berry compote & cream cheese on toasted brioche with scrambled eggs and mixed salad
The scrambled egg is very creamy and soft. The berry compote is not too sweet and goes very well with the soft and fluffy bread.

Banana Cake ($6.00)
mini loaf of banana cake served warm with banana, caramel, crumble and peanut butter sauce
It is very soft, and the peanut butter adds a zest to the cake.

Orange Yogurt Cake ($4.00)
Orange Yogurt cake with orange glaze and candied orange peel
It is a surprising moist cake. I like the orange peel which is not too sweet.

Cappuccino ($5.00)
Tastes not bad.

Overall this place is a yes for everyone and we enjoyed the food very much.

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