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Perfect brunch setting
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Selfish genes cafe -- when my friend first introduced the place to me, I was quite taken back by the name of the cafe! We decided to make a trip down there and it was really a satisfying one.

The cafe is really accessible. Simply take the train to Outram Park and walk towards Duxton@Pinnacle, you would see the cafe in vicinity. I personally love the ambience of selfish gene cafe. Although the interior design is not very captivating, I like the fact that it gives me a cosy, relaxing and pleasant feeling.

Foodwise, go for the breakfast! We tried the breakfast plate which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, mushroom, tomato confit, brioche, butter and berry compete ( appr. $15). I love the whole dish especially the brioche! It has a unique, soft taste to it. The mushroom with drops of garlic tasted really good as well. All in all, the serving was just right for one person. We also ordered warm chocolate cake (appr. $5) but it was a disappointment. I would not recommend this cake (I am not sure about the rest of the sweet cakes) because the warm chocolate cake was quite tiny and dry, lacking of the chocolatey favour. Drink wise, a cup of tea (appr $3) would be just perfect!

If you are looking for quiet place to chill and enjoy your breakfast, go for selfish genes cafe!

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