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Great Food! Great Ambiance!
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When we first heard of Selfish Gene Cafe, my friends and I were entice by it. Although Selfish Gene Cafe has an unique name, it was very hard to locate the cafe. It took us ages to finally found the place. But, it was worthwhile!

Selfish Gene cafe is spacious and has a cosy ambiance! What's more! We were spoilt for choices on their food! I dare say, we were attracted to all the descriptions of the food from their menu. In the end, we ordered for a variety ranging from house salad, sandwiches (Smoked Salmon and Ham & Cheese), bagel (Scrambled Eggs) and chocolate cake. And of course, it taste great! Totally worth the price for it!

Among the dishes, I liked the sandwiches (Smoked Salmon and Ham & Cheese). The taste were aromatic, and at the same time, the breads were chewy and toasty! The salmon were quite fresh and doesn't have the fishy after-taste to it.

I did not quite like the Bagel & Scrambled Eggs dish. I found it quite bland when compared to the sandwiches. Then again, it may have been because I tasted the sandwiches first (which have a stronger taste), hence it kind of overshadowed the scrambled eggs.

The salads had a unique dressing created specially by SGC themselves. It was light and refreshing.

All in all, SGC is definitely a cafe I would visit again!

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Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich
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