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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 239
Hole in the wall
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It literally was.

When our cabbed stopped and said we've reached, I turned around and looked at my surroundings, still failing to spot selfish gene.

and there it was! at a corner shophouse, beside an italian cafe. We opened the door and entered, what greeted us was a few tables in eclectic colours, a table near the entrance with colorful ceramic cups and magazines for patrons to self serve. The environment- checked.

The cooking area was rather small, but the whole place was a cozy one. We chose a table which had light streaming in from the ceiling which was just a glass pane, where the sun's rays could stream in through the glass onto the table. It was sucha perfect spot to spend the afternoon alone with a coffee and sandwich or just chilling with a mag.

The staff were also courteous and helpful. We ordered 3 drinks, their banana cake which came drizzled with melted peanut butter and their smoked salmon sandiwhc on ciabatta.

Frankly speaking, even though the banana cake was soft and fluffy which went well with the sweetness and saltiness of the syrup and PB, I still feel it didn't justify the 5.60 price tag. (correct me if I'm wrong about the price).

The smoked salmon sandwich came with sliced gherkins and creamy white smooth cream cheese with a rather generous portion of smoked salmon and a side of tortilla chips. The cream cheese was holy smooth and went real well with the smoked salmon.

Would come back again for the ambience.
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