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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 239
Cosy, spacious & with comfort food
(Updated: July 07, 2013)
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Located in the Outram area concentrated with multiple emerging cafe joints, Selfish Gene Cafe would definitely be one of those worth dropping by. It is comfortably spacious with a woodish-like interior, and is great for a relaxing afternoon out.

Grabbed a chicken salad which came with generous shreds of chicken breast and mesclun dressed with gomadare, which is essentially sesame seed dipping sauce. This was really tasty while not too heavy, especially because I prefer clear salad dressings that are light.

Drinks-wise, I had an iced SGC tea, which is a flavorful concoction of ceylon and earl grey tea. I had the syrup served on the side and didn’t touch it at all because I like my tea bitter. This was refreshing and cleansed my palate pretty well.
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