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Not Selfish At All
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Unlike its unique but odd choice of name, Selfish Gene Cafe is a warm, welcoming place. Located in the Duxton region, Selfish Gene Cafe attracts a more youthful crowd. On weekdays, expect to see young executives or yuppies, while the weekend crowd tends to be students or hipsters.

The ambience at Selfish Gene Cafe is simple and casual... You wouldn't be out of place wearing slippers or shorts here! Decor is minimal, and furniture is reminiscent of study tables you might find in school.

Selfish Gene Cafe practises self-service ordering and billing, although they will serve food and drinks to your table. Because of this, staff don't really interact much with customers. However, they are friendly and polite. I especially like their quirky numbered cup concept, which besides identifiying your order, also serves to hold your change and receipt.

Food at Selfish Gene Cafe is rather simple fare. Sandwiches, all-day breakfast items, desserts and salads make up the bulk of their offerings. Fortunately, every dish I've had at Selfish Gene Cafe features fresh ingredients, even down to the home-made jam / compote. Selfish Gene Cafe is proof that fresh, simple and uncomplicated food can be good!

The menu at Selfish Gene Cafe isn't extensive though, but it's still a great place for breakfast, brunch or light lunch.

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