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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 397
Interesting name and nice food
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Selfish gene cafe is one of the many creative cafes along Craig road and i love this quaint cafe for its food, peace, ambience.

The name struck me- selfish gene. Why did the owner call herself selfish? Itsnot because he wouldnt share his food but rather he will not serve food that he will not eat himself. What a pun right. This words were also chalked on the wall board in the cafe. The cafe was brightly lit and drinks and cutlery were self-serviced but food will be brought to you

I tried the breakfast plate which was abundant with scrambled eggs, english pork sausage, honey baked ham, sauteed mushroom, tomato confit, toasted brioche, french butter and jam. I also shared with my boyfriend the popuar bananna cake and i loved it even though i am not a fan of banannas at all! The taste was strong but yet tasted of real food and had like peanut butter sauce sprinkled on it, bringing the sweet taste to a greater level!

Overall, a very nice cafe to spend the breakfast or afternoon in, just lazing around, reading the newspapers/magazines that they provide
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